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Last statistics

According to last data more than 150km of failed sewer pipes were replaced, including 125km during 1996-99, from which 85km in Moscow. Savings on cost come up to 1000 rubles per meter, that is local budgets save about 120-140 millions of rubles. According to sewer emergency-operating department of Moscow state enterprise "Mosvodokanal", savings of Moscow budget from the beginning of works (1993-99) exceeded 100 millions of rubles. The project of production and sales for 2000 year is 45 kits. Thus far in the year, considered failure of previously made, the number of running kits will reach approximately 85. The replacement work loads will come to 150km per year. Annual savings will amount to 150-200 millions of rubles.

Exhibitions, meetings and presentations

In the 2000 year the meeting with representatives of Harbin business will be held in Peking as well as the equipment demonstration. Negotiations of license and equipment sale to Tashkent are under way.

In 4-7 of April 2000 Research-and-production Joint Stock Company "Kombest" participated in the exhibition "Energetics and Energy saving", Irkutsk on shared stand of Technopark "Novosibirsk".

New contracts

From beginning of 2000 till the end of March 2000 our company signed the contracts for delivery of equipment for trechless rehabilitation of failed pipelines with the following firms:

  1. J.S.C. "Vodocanal" (Novokuznetsk)
  2. Limited Liability Company "Aqua" (St.Petersburg)
  3. J.S.C. "Spetselectromontage" (Minsk, Byelorussia)
  4. PKA MEMPEKS (Minsk, Byelorussia)
  5. J.S.C. Gor-Com-Servise (Vietebsk, Byelorussia)
  6. Limited Liability Company "SK VIAL" (Rostov-on-Don)
  7. Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Vodocanal" (Khabarovsk)

Combest" company news archive

Site news

10 of April 2000

The section "Kombest" company news" was udated.

28 of February 2000

The forum of technical support is available on the server. You are able to refer to the experts of "Kombest" for the subject of trechless technology of failed pipelines rehabilitation you concern.

19 of February 2000

The search system was embedded on the "Kombest" server. The "Catalogue" section now has the Form, by filling out the one the visitor can receive the price information for the "Kombest" equipment.

18 of February 2000

The "Macromedia" animation clip "The trechless rehabilitation of failed pipelines chart" is published.

06 of February 2000

The work "Rehabilitation of water-supply and canalization systems technology and equipment kits" is published.

The "Macromedia" animation clip "The air-percussion machines action" is published.

05 of February 2000

The article "City moles gnaw into soil" from the magazine "Success Formula" (Novosibirsk) 1, 1997 was added to section "Exhibitions and Publications".

01 of February 2000

The Real Video clip "Equipment for trechless rehabilitation of failed pipelines" is published.

25 of January 2000

The "Kombest" Research-and-production Joint Stock Company site is published in the Internet.


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