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About the company

Vladimir Alexandrovich Grigouraschenko,
Doctor of engineering science, The "Kombest" Research-and-production Joint Stock Company Director-General

The field of activity of the Research-and-production Company "Kombest" is underground trenchless pipe laying and rehabilitation of the underground utility systems. The relevance of a trenchless technology development is obvious: less cost as contrasted to conventional (trench) methods; ability of the pipe insertion in conditions of high-density built-up, avoiding road disruption, laying and rehabilitation of the pipelines buried at great depths. The range of performed tasks is wide enough: development and improvement of the process flowsheets, trenchless equipment kits development and lot production. Besides, "Kombest" performs planned in-house pipe laying and rehabilitation of the underground utility systems. Corresponding trenchless technologies and equipment kits are protected by Russian Federation and international patents.

History of the company

State Joint Stock Company "Kombest" was established in 1992 as affiliated undertaking of the Institute of Mining (Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences). One of the shareholders was large machinery complex - Omsk industrial association "Polyot". The main task of the new-founded company was State innovative program "New generation of technologies and equipment kits for underground rehabilitation of the underground engineering services".

The program was developed by the Institute of Mining - the leading Russian scientific institute in the field of pneumopercussion machines. Long-term research-and-develop works as well as implementation of fundamentally new high-performance air-percussion machines of different purposes (pneumatic chippers and jackhammers, downhole percussion hammers, pneumo-punchers, perforating machines, hammer arrangement etc.) had become the base of this program.

Establishing of the powerful complex - Research and development Institute & engineering plant (Institute of Mining - Omsk industrial association "Polyot") as affiliated undertaking, despite the very hard time of reforms, allowed in a comparative short term develop and start the wide implementation of new progressive trenchless technology of pipe laying and rehabilitation of the underground utility systems.

Yet in 1993-1994 generally on a real objects of reconstruction the extensive industrial testings has started. In the middle of 1995 engineering plants began industrial models delivery and in 1997 the commercial production of equipment kits has been started.

More than 12 kits of trenchless equipment have been manufactured and passed to operation for last years. They run in many Russian cities such as Moscow, St-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Barnaul, Saratov, Irkutsk, Volgograd e.t.c. and were forwarded to short-range oreign countries (Ukraine, Latvia).

Trenchless technology were used for replacement of more than 130km of sewer pipes including such unique objects as Moscow Kremlin, Moscow zoo, Novosibirsk Red avenue and other.

In 1998 according to new legislation State Joint Stock Company was re-established to Joint Stock Company. The company staff numbers more than 70 employees. The main part of research-and-development department consists of Institute of Mining staff including one Doctor of sciences and three candidates. Highly skilled engineers have long-term work experience. Academical science combined with production practice allows us to complete the most difficult objectives successfully.


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